MyHealthPass +

MyHealthPass Plus


A MyHealthPass members receive access to Board-Certified physicians, including pediatricians 24/7 365 via secure ohone or video, with no additional consultation fees.


Our professional healthcare advocates will helo you find the lowest possible price on orescriotion medication. Average savings on generic & namebrand prescriptions from 10-70%.


Our pricing tool compares hundreds of procedures by zio code, allowing members to quickly and easily understand what the true cost of the service or procedure should be.


Access to qualified health coaches via ohone or email. Our Health Coaches are available to assist you in dealing with stress relief, managing your health and providing motivation, on issues we each face everyday.


As a Member, you'll receive access to two lab tests, valued at over $500 per year.


Provides personalized health results that are clinically driven to helo identify your key health risks and nutritional deficiencies.


Powered by ICE Tracer, this Emergency Medical & Personal Health Records (PHR) system allows members to to add, edit and store their lifesaving emergency contact medical information.


Members have unlimited access to Professional Advisors who will assist you with healthcare related questions and concerns.


Powered by Pin Paws, this innovative orogram allows you to keep track of your pets and store their vital information In one convenient location.

MyHealthPass members receive membership to PrivacyArmor by InfoArmor. PrivacyArmor protects your privacy, identity, and finances by comprehensive identity monitoring, fraud remediation, and restoration.

MyHealthPass is not health insurance. It is not intended to replace your primary care provider and should not be used for any medical emergency, always call 911. Not available outside the United States. Not Available in ME, MD, MT, NH, NU, WA. Lab not available in ME, MD, MT, NH, NY, NJ, RI, MD, MA or WA. The information contained herein is accurate at the time of publication. This document provides only summary information.